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Early Childhood

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Early Childhood

Baby PhD

Baby PhD

The Baby Ph.D. Childcare Network is dedicated to developing and supporting high-quality, collaborative, and community-based childcare for children 0-3 whose families live and work in the Hyde Park and University of Chicago Communities. Baby Ph.D. services include direct support to both childcare providers and families seeking childcare. Network offices are located at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club but much of our work takes place in the surrounding community.

Play N Learn

Play 'N' Learn

Classes & Playgroups: The Play-N-Learn program is designed to meet the specific developmental needs of young children ages infant to four years old. Our daily activities provide opportunity for young children and their caregivers to enjoy one another’s company while participating in a combination of informal playgroups and structured learning opportunities.

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Early Childhood Programs

Marsha's Music Logo

Marsha’s Music

At Marsha’s Music our Music Together® Classes build on your child’s natural enthusiasm for music and movement. We immerse your child in a musically rich environment where she or he will grow from primary music development to basic music competence, which means being able to sing in tune and keep a beat.

As a family in one of our classes, you and your child will play musically under the guidance of one of our trained teachers. Each weekly Music Together® class offers a dozen songs and rhythmic rhymes, including fingerplays, small- and large-movement activities, and instrument play. Teachers present these fun musical experiences in ways that are informal, non-performance-oriented, and developmentally appropriate for children. Come join us, and be part of a community of families sharing songs, movement, and instrument play. Experience Marsha’s Music today! REGISTRATION Required. Sign up here: marshasmusic.com

Super Soccer Stars Logo

Super Soccer Stars

All Super Soccer Stars classes are based on age-specific curricula created by a combination of early childhood, soccer, and behavioral specialists to guarantee that each child is learning and having a blast from the moment the whistle blows.  The program they provide for Play-N-Learn is Kick & Play.   Kick & Play is a parent-child pre-soccer and movement program specifically designed for toddlers between 12 and 24 months. Our experienced instructors along with our puppet friends, Mimi & Pepe, take you and your little one through a world of exciting physical activity.  Got questions?  Call 312-477-5877. chi.supersoccerstars.com/kickandplay/  

Hyde Park School of Dance Logo

Hyde Park School of Dance

Hyde Park School of Dance offers dance classes for students of all ages. The School’ss First Steps program introduces movement and dance to our youngest dancers (and their caregivers), starting at 18 months. For slightly older students, we offer Creative Movement, Boys Dance, Ballet, Modern, and Jazz/Hip Hop. Our curriculum includes exposure to choreography and free performance opportunities. The School is a not-for-profit organization, and is proud to offer a needs-based scholarship program to encourage and foster a love of dance, regardless of financial means.  Learn more at hydeparkdance.org or by calling 773-493-8498.

Little Inspirations Logo

Little Inspirations

Little Inspirations is a child care center in Hyde Park, Chicago, providing care and early education for children 6 weeks to 6 years old. Purposeful play, Intentional Interactions, and Healthful Habits are the basis for learning in this nurturing environment where play is extended into real world projects based and learning from each and every day’s experience. Little Inspirations is a member of HPNC’s Baby PhD Childcare Network. Please contact us at: www.little-inspirations.com

School Age Programs

NSP Logo

Neighborhood Schools Program

The Neighborhood Schools Program at the University of Chicago Office of Civic Engagement serves as one of the primary connectors between the University of Chicago and our surrounding communities. NSP is a key support system for local schools and community institutions. We provide tutoring to school children, teaching assistance to public school teachers, and administrative support to community organizations. During the 2015-2016 academic year, 400 University students worked or volunteered in the community through NSP. To learn more about NSP please visit our website: https://nsp.uchicago.edu/directories/full/about-nsp

Knuckleball Comedy Logo

Knuckleball Comedy

We all know comedy from its many forms; a feature film, television program, stand-up show or improv act. Less known about comedy, however, are the tools a comedian uses: the ability to think quickly; to express thoughts openly; to interact with the surrounding world.  In the most talented hands, these tools have produced some of the most legendary cultural icons, from the Marx Brothers to Jerry Seinfeld, Johnny Carson to Eddie Murphy, Mel Brooks to Tina Fey.  But even in the hands of you and me, these same tools are incredibly valuable to help ease tension and anxiety and to become more comfortable expressing ourselves with friends and strangers whether in private or on a public stage.  

Knuckleball Comedy is bringing improv comedy to people of all ages through after school programs, off-day workshops, park district programming, senior centers, birthday parties, summer camps and more.  

Contact us to learn more and to host your own new program, class or event.

Artifice Logo


Artifice is a community tech center in the Woodlawn neighborhood that teaches youth how to build websites, make video games, build robots, repair computers, and more! We currently offer classes on web development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), video game development, an introduction to computer hardware, and electronics/robotics (Arduino programming) Monday through Thursday from 3:30 PM to 6 PM with classes from 4 to 5 pm, and 11 AM to 3 PM on Saturdays. We're available to students age 10 and up (Adults included!), the first two weeks are free, and scholarships are available to ensure anyone can learn! To learn more about us please visit our website at www.artificechicago.org

South Side Fire FC Logo

South Side Fire FC

South Side Fire FC (SSF) is a diverse, charitable organization building community, self-discipline, and success--one child at a time--via professionally coached soccer and academic enrichment. Through sports and academic mentorship, our programs allow girls and boys to engage in activities that develop leadership, independence, cooperation, empathy, and community building. SSF engages families on the culturally rich South and West Sides of Chicago, providing children an opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, nurturing environment. For more information please visit our website at: www.southsidefire.net

Chicago South Side Thunder Logo

Chicago South Side Thunder AAU Basketball

MAPSCorps Logo


We train youth to produce high quality data about community assets that everyone can use to improve the human condition.

High school students are employed as community data scientists. We train youth to apply scientific method and mobile technology to capture data about all the public-facing businesses and organizations serving their community. MAPSCorps provides the first paid employment experience for half of participating youth. MAPSCorps at HPNC is made possible through After School Matters. For more information on MAPSCorps visit us at www.mapscorps.org. For more information on After School Matters go to www.afterschoolmatters.org


Be A Mentor

Be A Mentor

The teen years can be challenging, exciting, productive, and complicated. HPNC welcomes youth who are interested in academic support and a safe place to engage in creative activities, learn important life skills, and play an array of sports.

Request A Mentor

Request A Mentor



Shakespeare Youth Group

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