Weekday Play-N-Learn test

Weekday Play-N-Learn test

Classes and Playgroups

The Play-N-Learn program is designed to meet the specific developmental needs of young children ages infant to four years old. Our daily activities provide opportunity for young children and their caregivers to enjoy one another’s company while participating in a combination of informal playgroups and structured learning opportunities.

Current activities include Musical Story Time, Messy Art, Sign Language, Infant Playgroup & Music Circle, Dramatic Play and Silly Fun, Creative Movement, Sensory Play + Art

We also offer Tumbling (REGISTRATION REQUIRED) and Kick n’ Play Soccer (REGISTRATION REQUIRED).

Tot Lot

Tot Lot's indoor playground is located in the full-size HPNC gymnasium. Children run and play according to their own interests and abilities developing gross motor skills along the way. HPNC provides mats, tricycles, bikes, slides and play structures as well as balls, hoops, etc.

A separate and secure play area is available for non-walkers.

Children must be accompanied byan adult at all times.

Weekday Play-N-Learn test

Messy Art

HPNC’s instructors lead a variety of art and sensory play activities that allow toddlers to explore their inner artist and develop their creativity. We use a variety of art materials to have a distinct end point. Many are primarily sensory and designed for purposes of exploration andexperimentation. The activities are arranged in‘centers’ style: children may visit each ‘center’ for as long as they wish. Some children may want to make the rounds and several times. Others may stay in one place for the whole session.

Weekday Play-N-Learn test

Sign Language

Children and their caregivers will learn basic signs through the use of familiar children’s music, stories and games. To maximize children’s learning we use a lot of playful repetition and present only a few new signed each week. Caregivers are encouraged to continue to reinforce sign language use between classes. Signs willbe American Sign Language.

Weekday Play-N-Learn test

Musical Storytime

Presented by Marsha’s Music

Kids love singing, listening to music and music can play an essential role nearly literacy development. Vocabulary development,m rhyming and the ability to pick out the smaller sounds in words are just a few of the benefits of incorporating songs.

Weekday Play-N-Learn test

Dramatic Play

Dramatic play focuses on imaginative exploration of social roles and activities. Themes that you will see include dress-up, kitchen, farm, doctor/medical care, tools/fixing and more. Despite the presence of organizing themes, caretakers are asked to remember that the most important part of dramatic play for children’s learning is the process, not the production.

Even if that hours in your care looks more like a 2 year old boy, go with it! Let’s see where the children will lead us.

Weekday Play-N-Learn test

Prices* – please purchase passes at the front desk:

$ 9.00 Single Visit / Drop-in

$50.00 10-Visit Pass

$65.00 30-day Pass

* Siblings receive a 50% discount

Questions? Please e-mail our Early Childhood Programs Manager amclean@hpnclub.org.